The prevalence of gendered violence effectively means that women’s safety is undermined whether in public or private spaces. The randomness and cruelty of Everard’s murder has led to thousands of women denouncing the ubiquity of male violence and the perpetual feeling of being at risk of falling victim to it. As one woman tweeted: What is so frightening about Sarah’s murder is that it could have been any one of us.


Assange’s first extradition hearing took place in London over several weeks from February to September 2020.  A decision regarding his extradition is expected to be handed down in the New Year – on January 4, 2021.


Québec is currently experiencing a wave of denunciations of sexual assault and harassment, exposing the misogyny, sexism and routine sexual violence experienced by most women. What started as a local condemnation of sexism in the video game industry rapidly grew to target the province’s broader music and art scenes. Drawing significant public attention, notably due to the outing of high-profile individuals, the movement quickly grew to target Québec society as a whole.


As the COVID-19 crisis has amplified existing inequalities and accentuated the asymmetry of political and economic power in Québec and Canada, it is of vital importance to ensure that it is not exploited by the ruling and corporate classes to further disenfranchise those already with little power.


Québec premier François Legault often speaks of “two Québecs” in his near-daily press briefings on the COVID-19 crisis. To be sure, however, we should also speak of two Montréals: one that is home to the (predominantly white) middle- and upper-classes, and the other, to poverty-stricken neighbourhoods which are currently experiencing the worst of the crisis.


The risks of allowing this industry to consolidate intimate ties with state institutions are immense and should be of urgent concern to all those who value a free and democratic society. We need to recognize that these Canadian AI research campuses are not working in the interest of Canadian “innovation”, but in the service of surveillance capitalism.


As we consider the immense dangers that surround a prospective war with Iran, it is of vital importance to denounce the lies and fabrications currently peddled to justify it. Moreover, in light of the powerful interests that are pushing for this latest conflict in the Middle East, it is essential to harness the collective and civil opposition needed to stop this insane war.


The disinformation surrounding the Syrian civil war appears to have been lifted from the Iraq/Afghanistan playbook. It is all the more disgraceful that the media that participated in selling those wars (now recognized as catastrophic failures) is engaging in the same manipulative tactics to encourage ongoing suffering and destabalization in Syria.


The people who stand to gain the most from leaders like Corbyn and Sanders are being fed increasingly ruthless lies about these candidates by the elites who fear their progressive policies. The extent to which the democratic process is being hijacked by these monopoly interests in deeply troubling and should be a focal point of public debate.


The case to extradite Julian Assange to the United States seems to have little to do with Canadians at first glance, however, the truth is that this unprecedented challenge to press and democratic freedom concerns all of us. If publishers can be prosecuted for publishing verified information, then the ability to accurately report on national security with a critical lens will be effectively prohibited.


Despite efforts to craft a climate-friendly public image, Canada’s continued support for the fossil fuel industry highlights the hypocrisy of the current government.


Il y a quelques mois, le compte Twitter de WikiLeaks ainsi que celui dédié à la campagne pour défendre son fondateur Julian Assange annonçaient le risque imminent de son expulsion de l’ambassade équatorienne où il était réfugié depuis juin 2012. Force est de constater que les craintes de WikiLeaks n’étaient pas infondées. En effet, tous et toutes en furent témoins, alors que les images d’Assange se faisant traîner de force par les policiers britanniques, invités à venir le saisir dans l’ambassade, ont fait le tour du monde le 11 avril dernier.


Though Québec, Canada, has the tendency to portray itself as a progressive and open society, the popular obsession with curtailing the rights of marginalized groups clearly undermines this image. Having made headlines in 2017 following the horrific killing of six Muslims in a Québec City mosque, the province is once again facing scrutiny for the proposed adoption of Bill 21, a new law aimed at restricting public sector workers from displaying religious symbols at work. This revived attempt to legislate religious and civil rights has attracted much criticism, most recently by the United Nations special rapporteurs on religious freedom, racial discrimination, and minority issues.


Il va sans dire que le climat politique actuel des États-Unis alimente les cotes d’écoute. En effet, la chaine MSNBC, une des plus critiques envers le président, a vu son auditoire surpasser celui de Fox News pour la première fois en 18 ansi. De façon générale, les chaines de nouvelles en continu signalent d’importantes augmentations de leur auditoire depuis 2016ii. Même au Québec, la saga Trump est omniprésente. Ce n’est pas surprenant, avec ses politiques véritablement xénophobes notamment l’interdiction pour certain·e·s musulman·e·s d’entrer aux États-Unis ou la séparation forcée des familles à la frontière mexicaine et ses propos incohérents, une certaine attention médiatique portée au président est justifiable.



I started writing during the 2012 student strike in Québec. As an active participant in the student movement, I was driven to write about the institutional repression, police abuse and collective solidarity I witnessed. 

I'm now completing a Master's in political science, focusing my research on the intersection of global climate justice and international law. Though I enjoy academic research and writing, I welcome the freedom that comes with writing for critical media . I regularly contribute to Canadian Dimension and Truth-out.org, as well as other progressive and critical outlets. My main interests are social justice, politics, technology and the environment. 



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